Markham Jewelry

Markham’s own line of gorgeous jewelry truly dazzles with its high-impact sparkle from bright beautiful diamonds set within solid 18k gold (white, butter yellow or rose) or ultra-white platinum.
Markham’s enviable line of diamond essentials include an unmatched selection of certified diamond stud earrings and pendants to fabulous color gemmed suites for special-occasion party wear. Markham’s high standards guarantee that his namesake jewelry will have breathtaking beauty and provide uncompromised quality with superior value. His immense selections include gorgeous right-hand rings, stone-encrusted stacking bands, micro-pave diamond bangles, pendants, and impressive large, hoop earrings.
Perhaps you have a special life event or anniversary that you wish to commemorate, or you simply “need a glamourous boost” to your daily wardrobe; nothing will do it like the addition of fine jewelry. Markham’s sparkle is the answer to every gift giving opportunity; for those you love, as well as for yourself!

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