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Rolex Submariner No Date

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Rolex Submariner No Date Review – Reference 114060

Rolex’s most popular model; the Rolex Stainless Steel Submariner. This Submariner, 14060 No Date, is a Rolex classic. A Rolex watch will retain its value for generations to come and treasure. This sought after Submariner Rolex wristwatch with its black face, black bezel with white markers is an essential collectors piece for any Rolex enthusiast. What makes this Rolex great? The Stainless steel Submariner model 14060 is the kind of watch that you can wear in any occasion. When you wear a Submariner you’re guaranteed to make a statement. The power, prestige and over all reverence of the Rolex is reflected in this Rolex Submariner 14060 No Date.

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