With so much of the wedding preparations focused on the bride — her engagement ring, her dress, her hair, her flowers, her attendants — it’s easy for the groom to feel like men’s wedding bands is an afterthought. And historically, it was. A plain gold band did the trick and everyone could get back to focusing on the bride and the event. But today, grooms often will don a ring even before the wedding. Severine Ferrari, editor-in-chief of Engagement 101, says “man-gagement rings” are one of the next big trends in fine jewelry. Once the decision is made, the man is as anxious to show his changed status as his bride-to-be and the groom’s ring is an equally important symbol of the commitment the couple are making to each other. Today’s typical grooms (average age at first marriage: 29) grew up far more fashion-conscious than their fathers and grandfathers. To them, a wedding ring is more than a symbol that they’re married; it’s also an outward statement of their personal style.