Much like the kitchen is the heart of every really well-loved home, the fine bridal department is the heart of a well-loved jewelry store. The bridal department of Markham Fine Jewelers is the single most important place where Markham demonstrates -without words- the true level of commitment he has to his customers as they seek their life’s most important ring, the engagement rings.

Because no other ring will ever be as significant as your wedding ring, Markham has created the finest collection of in-house Bridal Jewelry in North Texas; each with unparalleled quality, superior value, and absolutely stunning beauty.

Markham’s bridal collection features a wide range of different shapes of sparkling fine diamonds, from substantial round brilliants to highly sought-after Asscher cuts; all in differing styles of mountings and perfectly-matched side stones. Markham’s bridal rings are offered in solid 18k yellow gold, white gold or platinum. His designs feature the full range of classic solitaires to multi-stone rings (in both traditional prong and smooth bezel settings), as well as his stunning micro-pave diamond encrusted semi-mounts. Every Markham Ring is lovingly hand-made and thoughtfully designed to be a bride’s most elegant and cherished possession. Its elite quality of materials, as well as its fine workmanship, are paramount and always overseen by Markham.